Floating Nowhere

Floating Nowhere is about being grateful for dreams of bigger things. As an artist, it’s frustrating to have to walk the line between pursuing your creative passions, and being able to support yourself financially. The lyrics talk about trying to grab hold of grand opportunities, but accepting reality at the same time – sometimes it’s an unfortunate case of having to work a career to support your passion, rather than being able to turn a passion into a career. This is a situation I’m all too familiar with, and the song came from a particularly difficult time I was having at work. I have often pushed myself to mental and physical exhaustion at work, and I have moments of thinking “what’s this all for?” Writing this song helped to centre me, and to generate a positive mindset with which to view a situation I’ve been unhappy in. 

Along with Gold, this is the other more “electronic” song on the album, and Nick did a phenomenal job with the arrangement and production, bringing massive energy and groove to a track which I used to worry was too “boring” for the album.