Gold (Piano Version)

When I wrote about Gold I mentioned the multiple iterations of the song. It didn’t feel right to not include this piano version of Gold on the album, and I think it’s the perfect closing track. 

A few months after I wrote Gold, I was performing at a talent show and decided to play it as it was the most recent song I’d written. I’d written it on uke, made the synth pop demo, but only had a piano available at the show. With about 15 mins of rehearsing, I came up with this piano version. It’s much slower than the original, and I actually played it in a lower key than I’d originally written it (G Major rather than A Major – and the original is in G now as a result of that). I thought a call and response with the audience would work well to emulate the layers of vocals I had in the synth pop demo version, and it proved to be a success, creating a pretty magical moment when I was singing with the crowd. Since then, I’ve played Gold on the piano at most gigs, and love getting the crowd involved to sing along. As such, I took the opportunity to invite some talented friends to Crosstown Soundstudio in Preston and record their voices along with mine to give the track that magical “live” feeling. I’m so grateful to Emily Walter, Felicity Walter, Michael Walter, Peter Verhagen, Kristyn Adamopoulos, and my producer Nick Mason for singing with me and being a part of this song.