In The Winter

In The Winter tells a story of love through the changing seasons. I wrote it for an anniversary, and the production of the track is symbolic of a slowly growing relationship. It’ll take you along for the ride, building upon its roots and blossoming into a triumphant celebration, like running into the arms of your lover in the rain. It’s certainly the most “pop” song on my album, and I hope it will be stuck in your head for weeks after you hear it! 

I have some voice notes in my phone from when I wrote In The Winter, and I had the first half of the song done (verses and pre-choruses), but couldn’t figure out where it was leading, or how to capture the joy of the relationship. There’s a voice note of me the moment I came up with the chorus (as well as the “ohs”) – I’m in the storeroom of a supermarket that I was working in at the time, and you can hear the cardboard compactor going in the background. When the inspiration strikes, you’ve gotta catch it!