Speak Up

This is my protest song for some of the many things that are wrong in the world. I actually started writing this song with another singer’s voice in mind, and no idea of what the song would become. The lyrics reflect both a desire to consciously change my own behaviour and awareness for the better, as well as a call to action for the listener. While some of the lyrics may happily be dated since I wrote them – “Speak up, for an end to Trump…” I see this as a call to speak up against the things that Trump, and people like him, stand for. Bigotry, wealth inequality, sexism – unfortunately the list goes on. But the election results have affirmed a hope that we as a people can and will speak up when things aren’t right. Change will come, but it takes time and it takes many voices to make it heard. 

Speaking of many voices, I’m delighted to feature two of my close friends on this track. Firstly Rachael Belot adds her incredible voice to mine to bring more power to the lyrics. Secondly the talented rapper Ramon Lozano wrote and performed the brilliant rap in Speak Up. His writing is so clever and so powerful, and it was such a pleasure to have him and Rach on the song. It felt so right to have some friends performing this one alongside me given the nature of the song – we need to stand together to help make a change. Huge thanks again to both Rachael and Ramon for helping make Speak Up what it is.